The Chiltern 20 Report: The Banana Bunch

Every week Roni takes a bunch of people upstairs to do some map and compass work with; and every week practice our skills…mostly. Every now and then we go on a hike and test out our map knowledge. Every year … Continued

The Best Camp Ever!

A few weeks ago we left to go camping in Wales for a week at Silver Cross, with two Scouts from 1st Finchley-little did I know it was going to be even better than imagined! We set off on the … Continued

2015-2016: Best year ever?

Boy oh boy, what an incredible line-up we have for this school year at Scouts! We returned to our regular meetings this week on Tuesday, and we were told all the amazing things we’ll being this year-here’s just some of … Continued

Brand New Badges!

Brand New Badges! Very shortly, along with new branding, their will be a major change in the badges. The Staged Activity badges will remain the same colour and shape, but the new ‘Digital Citizen’ will be replacing the I.T. There … Continued

2nd Edgware Scouts Charity Event 2014 > 2015

(Above, the new charity event logo, to the right the 2015 charity event logo) Firstly, a massive thankyou to everyone who helped raise money last year, as we have raised a total of £212.59 (not including Stephanie’s money)! The scouts … Continued

Discontinued Scout badges

If you want to get these badges, you’re gonna have to be quick- these badges will no longer be continued from January 2015— Scout Promise Challenge Badge Scout Basic Nautical Skills Scout Air Activities Activity Scout Air Activities Scout Basic … Continued

Scouts Quiz Night

Last Tuesday, all our hard work finally paid off with the quiz. At 7:00 everyone started arriving, and drinks and food started to be served. It wasn’t long before the grand quiz itself began, and the competition started to heat … Continued

Night Activities 2014

On the 22nd of November, Scouts from the borough of Barnet took part in the night activities, which was held at Tolmers Scout camp. There were different activities around the campsite, which you had to find and complete. From our … Continued