The Print Centre is an excellent source for many scouting resources. Some of those resources which are either missing or we’ve customised are available here. They are all a work in progress, so any errors, suggestions or feedback you have is most welcome.

Camp Planning Spreadsheet

This is a spreadsheet I use for planning camps. It’s got an expenses sheet for calculating the costs, an equipment check-list and a food shopping list. There are some clever formulae for calculating things (including some experimental ones to calculate equipment quantities).

Download it here: Expenses & Equipment.xlsx

Parents Involvement Job List

In an effort to ease parents into contributing towards the running of the group I’ve compiled a list of jobs which need doing. The aim is that each job can be done in 30-60 minutes either before or after dropping their Beaver/Cub/Scout/Explorer off to make the jobs easy and clear.

Thanks to those on the 1st Facebook Scout Group for their ideas and suggestions towards this list.

Download it here: Parents Involvement.odt (or as a Parents Involvement.pdf)