Are my skills useful?

You don’t need to have climbed Everest to make a difference in Scouting. Are you good at DIY? A dab hand in the kitchen? Good with numbers? We all have useful skills we can pass on the young people in Scouting or share to keep the back-office running.

Do I need to give much time?

Volunteering at Scouts is flexible and fun. Whether you help out once every few weeks, months or just at special occasions we’ll help you be trained and supported so you can make the most of the time you give. How much you volunteer is entirely up to you.

What will I get out of Volunteering?

In addition to having a great time and joining in with our adventure you’ll gain externally recognised skills, improve your own abilities such as teamwork, leadership and confidence. 90% of volunteers believe that their working and personal lives have been improved by the skills they learned volunteering at Scouting.

Check out our volunteering vacancies here!


When can my child join Scouting?

At 2nd Edgware we have spaces for girls and boys aged 5¾ – 14 1/2, see the Sections page to see which age-group your child fits into. After 14 Scouts join a local Explorer Unit and become Young Leaders in the other age groups.

How much does it cost?

It costs £25 per term, with three terms a year. We have other camps and activities throughout the year with extra costs. If you’re concerned about costs please get in touch with a leader in confidence; assistance is available.

What will my child get out of Scouting?

Children in Scouting love the skills and adventures they have. They make life-long friends and gain skills in leadership, confidence and independence.



Scouting offers over 200 different activities, from archery and rock climbing through rifle shooting and zorbing. Check out our facebook page and our blog to see what we’ve been up to at 2nd Edgware Scout Group.

Make Friends

Coming along to our regular Scout meetings is a great chance to meetup with friends and make new friends. Trying new things and activities together is a great way to meet adventurous people just like you and be involved in something different from school.

Have Fun

Above all else, Scouting is all about having fun. Chief Scout Bear Grills thinks so too, check out his video below.

Get Outdoors

Exploring the big wide world and travelling to new places are all on the cards when you’re a Scout. Being cooped up at home with nothing to do will be a thing of the past!

Learn Exciting Things

Not everybody knows how to build a fire, ride a kayak or cook on camp. As a Scout you’ll learn amazing skills – and earn badges and awards at the same time!

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