Cubs Invention Competition

Everyone has the capacity for inventing. We all solve problems through inventive thinking, whether it’s figuring out a way to prop open a window or building a den in the wild. This February half term we have a new competition for our Cubs and it’s all about inventing something new! This could range from designing a new gadget that helps the planet, to making your own short film.

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Some extra tips:

What’s an invention?

An invention usually fills a need or solves a problem.
• Inventions often make the world a better place.
• Inventions can be things (e.g., a mobile phone or rucksack) as well as ideas (e.g.,
a new method for tying a knot, or a story).
• An invention often makes something better (e.g., faster, stronger, cheaper,
easier, safer or more efficient, attractive, useful, accurate, fun, or productive).
But as long as it’s a new way to do something, it’s still an invention even if it isn’t necessarily better than what existed before.

Why invent?

Inventing is a process. It starts with a need and ends up with something new—the
actual invention.
To solve problems: Inventors are skilled at spotting ways to improve a situation
or process.
To improve our world: Imagine how different our lives would be without
inventions, such as computers, freezers, electricity, plastic, and medicine.
To enjoy the creative process: Invention involves both thinking and doing.

The process of inventing:

• identifying a problem and/or realizing that something can be improved.
• talking to people who might use the invention.
• brainstorming creative solutions to a problem, which often involves making
imaginative connections between seemingly unrelated things.
• devising and testing solutions (i.e., experimenting).
• applying science and engineering concepts.
• using tools, materials, and techniques to make workable solutions.
• trying again when things don’t work out.
• seeing a project through by being motivated, persistent, and dedicated.

For more details and ideas, check out this Design Squad guide

This competition is now closed.

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