Move over Bear, there a new stars in North Circular!

“Southgate DC news, Bear Grylls in Trent Park, Joshua’s Best Camp Ever, Panto News! ‏” is the heading for the latest issue of North Circular, the Scouting newsletter for Greater London North Scouts! And yes, there we are in the headline! Beneath is a text about us, with a link to see our camp blog published a few weeks ago:

“The Best Camp Ever!

23-Hiking group1

Or so says Joshua, from the 2nd Edgware, about their summer camp at Silver Cross in Wales. He’s written a brilliant blog about it – read it here

Whilst we’re on the subject of camp (again!) I would like to take this opportunity to thank Ben and Galaxy Sports for a free pair of hiking boots, costing around £70. Along with everyone else who went on camp, Ben convinced Galaxy Sports to provide us all to choose any pair of hiking boots we want for being so amazing on camp!

And on that note, I should stop blogging before I find even more reasons why that was the best camp ever!

Yours in Scouting, Joshua.

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