2015-2016: Best year ever?

Boy oh boy, what an incredible line-up we have for this school year at Scouts! We returned to our regular meetings this week on Tuesday, and we were told all the amazing things we’ll being this year-here’s just some of the things I can remember:

  • NEW: We’ll be making our own computers in groups/pairs using old PC hardrives and software, and then creating our own website on them using WordPress! This all goes towards the Digital Citizen staged activity badge.
  • HIKE: We might be taking the Cubs on a hike this year, but what’s certain is that there’s a good team being composed for the annual, 20km hike, the Chiltern 20. Roni’s been preparing some of us for Hikes last school year, and now we’re ready to put ourselves to the test with a whole day of Hiking and getting lost!
  • FUN: At some point in the year we’ll being going back to Quazar! The Eagles and Wolves also look forward to a trip of that in Bushey, for winning the points competition (If you’re not in those Patrols you can still come but have to pay-more news soon, hopefully).
  • BADGES: We’ll be working on some of the new Challenge badges, which will look great complete under all my other original Challenge badges. We’re also going to work on our Photographers & Writer’s badge, but as I all ready have the Writer’s I aim to go for Writer’s Plus or the Instructor badge for it.
  • PIONEERING: We’re going to be making our own rafts, using barrels, staves and lots and lots of lashing! I’ve done this with Cubs before at ESSA, but I’ll need to brush up on my knots!
  • FUNDRAISING: One of the best things about the year will be the fact that we will have our Second ever 2nd Edgware Scouts Summer Fair! Regarding we have enough parents and helpers, there will be lots of stalls, games and activities for the Public and friends and family of us Scouts to get involved with!
  • CAMP: Even better than a Summer Fair, an 8-day camp again… IN WALES!!! ‘The Best Camp Ever’ is what I called the camp at Silver Cross this year, and now we’re going to re-enact that all over again back at Silver Cross!
  • PLUS: How will we record all of these awesome events? Some of you may remember the old newsletter, right? Well this time I would like to bring back our even older troop newsletter, ‘Yoicks’ back every season for parents and Scouts to read not just about us, but about Beavers, Cubs and the world of Scouting too. If you’re interested in helping make or write some articles, then let me know at Scouts!

And so the new year is ready! Excited Scouts, a new points competition, and a ton of fun! Roll on 2015-2016!

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