Brand New Badges!

Brand New Badges!

Very shortly, along with new branding, their will be a major change in the badges.

The Staged Activity badges will remain the same colour and shape, but the new ‘Digital Citizen’ will be replacing the I.T. There will also be 8 brand new ones, including:

Air ActivitiesCommunity ImpactDigital CitizenDigital MakerNautical SkillsNavigatorPaddle SportsSailing

1. Air Activities

2. Community Impact

3. Digital Citizen

4. Digital Maker

5. Nautical Skills

6. Navigator

7. Paddle Sports


The Challenge badges are being completely re-designed, with new colours and a new shape. There will still be nine Challenge badges, however only 3 of them are the current badges continued. The new ‘Creative Challenge’ is more about creative thinking that being artistic, as for the ‘Skills Challenge’ is more like the old ‘Creative Challenge’ badge, but using a wider variety of tools and equipment.
The Outdoor and Expedition Challenge (along with the ‘Creative Challenge’) are the only badges to continue, but with new requirements. The Outdoor Plus will no longer be an option.
If you get a certain number of Challenge badges you can receive your re-designed ‘Gold Award’.

Adventure ChallengeCreative ChallengeExpedition ChallengeOutdoors ChallengePersonal Challenge ChallengeSkills ChallengeTeam Leader ChallengeTeamwork ChallengeWorld ChallengeGold Award

1. Adventure

2. Creative Thinking

3. Expedition

4. Outdoors

5. Personal Challenge

6. Skills

7. Team Leader

8. Teamwork

9. World



There’s a bunch of brand new Activity badges-these will remain the same design as the current ones, but could end up replacing some The new ‘Global Issues’ badge and ‘Environmental Conservation’ will be replacing the ‘Global Conservation’ badge, but making it more simpler to get.
Local Knowledge shares the same picture as the old ‘Heritage’ badge, but will have different requirements.
The ‘Activity Centre Service’ badge shares the same picture as ‘Campsite Service’ but will have new requirements and tasks.
‘Water Activities’ will probably be replacing the ‘Water Sports’ badge.

Activity Centre ServiceAir and Sea NavigationEnviromental ConservationGlobal IssuesInternationalLocal KnoledgeMaster at ArmsMedia RelationsWater Activities

1. Activity Centre Service

2. Air and Sea Activities

3. Environmental Conservation

4. Global Issues

5. International

6. Local Knowledge

7. Master at Arms

8. Media Relations

9. Water Activities


The new badges will be released very soon, so get ready! There will also be new badge books with all the requirements.

(See 2nd Edgware Scouts Newsletter #10 for the whole report)


– Joshua

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