Discontinued Scout badges

If you want to get these badges, you’re gonna have to be quick- these badges will no longer be continued from January 2015—

Scout Promise Challenge Badge
Scout Basic Nautical Skills
Scout Air Activities Activity
Scout Air Activities
Scout Basic Aviation Skills (Heathrow)
Scout Navigator (Ordnance Survey)
Scout Aviation Skills (Heathrow)
Scout Public Relations Advanced Aviation Skills
(Heathrow) Scout Basic Nautical Skills Scout Global Conservation (E.ON)
Scout Nautical Skills
Scout Advanced Nautical Skills
Scout Administrator
Scout Aeronautics
Scout Arts Enthusiast
Scout Camp Cook
Scout Dingy Sailor
Scout Guide
Scout Global Challenge Award
Scout Hiker
Scout Outdoor Challenge Award
Scout Interpreter
Scout Fitness Challenge Award
Scout Expedition Challenge Award  Scout
Community Challenge Award
Scout Adventure Challenge Award
Scout Creative Challenge Award
Outdoor Plus Challenge Award
Scout Quartermaster Badge
Scout Paddle Sports
Scout Fitness Challenge
Scout Promise Badge

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