Night Activities 2014

On the 22nd of November, Scouts from the borough of Barnet took part in the night activities, which was held at Tolmers Scout camp.

There were different activities around the campsite, which you had to find and complete. From our troop unfortunately only 5 people were able to come; they were Joshua T, Louis, Andreea, Oliver and lastly me. We split the 5 of us into 2 groups, which meant one of the groups only had 2 people and the other group had 3.But that didn’t matter because we put our full effort into all the activities.

Altogether there were 22 different activities, the two groups nearly managed to do all the activities, which was good for the time we had. The best part was where we got the hotdogs and hot chocolate! As the day came to an end, all of the Scouts from Barnet got to know the results.

The group with Joshua T, Andreea and me got 78 points and the other group with Louis and Oliver got a score of 93 points which was quite impressive as there were only 2 people in that group.

Congratulations to 15th Finchley for 1st place with an amazing 149 points! Hopefully next year we will do much better!

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