The Cliamte Emergency is the biggest challenge to humans haved faced in our 100,000 year history.

Our young people are learning about the emergency and what we adults are doing to try and mitigate it’s impact.

We are not asking the young people to deal with the cliamte emergency when they grow up – their parents and grandparents were asked to do that and it’s time we stepped up to the challenge. We cannot ask another generation to clean up our mess – apart from being unfair, the climate sicentists don’t think we have time to wait another 15 years (when our Cubs become adults).

Cub Climate Conservation Booklet

We’ve designed a personal impact log book to help our young people understand the how the choices they make can change their personal impact on the world.

It also highlights that we cannot avert the crisis individually, we can’t get top zero impact the way society is currently setup – we need action from governments, councils and businesses to instigate change – to a world where we put people and planet before profit.

Sources & Notes for the Curious

As much as possible we’ve tried to pick middle-ground values (i.e. we’ve tried to avoid the extremes – beef _can_ use 20 times more energy than lentils but it doesn’t usually.

The idea is for this to be a genuinly useful, if rough, way to understand how our choices let us take control of our impact. All numbers have been rounded off to 1 decimal place to keep the maths simpler.

Further Reading

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