I’ve been a Hell’s Angel for many’s the year

And I’ve spent all me money on black leather gear

Me bike is all rusty and I’m saddled sore

And I never will play the Hell’s Angel no more


I went into a bikeshop I used to frequent

And I told the mechanic me camshaft was bent

I asked for a new one, he answered “No way!”

I said “Ta very much, mate, I’ll have a new bike”


I took from me pocket me Hitler Youth knife

And his eyes opened wide and he fled for his life

Saying “I was just joking, take whatever you like!”

I said “Ta very much, mate, I’ll have a new bike!”


This bike needed greasing before I could ride

So I took it and lay underneath it outside

But I’d only just started when in from me eyes

I saw two great jackboots with black shiny toes!


And now, as I lie here – both legs in a cast

That’s the first fight I’ve had and I swear it’s me last!

And when I get out of the intensive care ward

Sure I never will play the hell’s angel no more!