Hemel Hempstead Quasar

On Sunday the 17th of January Hemel Hempstead saw our energetic arrival as we came to have a blast at Quasar! Arrival: We arrived in Hemel Hempstead and had some time to go to buy some snacks with any pocket money we bought with … Continued

The Chiltern 20 Report: The Banana Bunch

Every week Roni takes a bunch of people upstairs to do some map and compass work with; and every week practice our skills…mostly. Every now and then we go on a hike and test out our map knowledge. Every year … Continued

The Best Camp Ever!

A few weeks ago we left to go camping in Wales for a week at Silver Cross, with two Scouts from 1st Finchley-little did I know it was going to be even better than imagined! We set off on the … Continued

2015-2016: Best year ever?

Boy oh boy, what an incredible line-up we have for this school year at Scouts! We returned to our regular meetings this week on Tuesday, and we were told all the amazing things we’ll being this year-here’s just some of … Continued

2nd Edgware Scouts Charity Event 2014 > 2015

(Above, the new charity event logo, to the right the 2015 charity event logo) Firstly, a massive thankyou to everyone who helped raise money last year, as we have raised a total of £212.59 (not including Stephanie’s money)! The scouts … Continued

Scouts Quiz Night

Last Tuesday, all our hard work finally paid off with the quiz. At 7:00 everyone started arriving, and drinks and food started to be served. It wasn’t long before the grand quiz itself began, and the competition started to heat … Continued